ANKH is an ancient symbol for life.
GEAR is essential, reliable technology that solves a specific problem.

Cool gear. Easier living. We’re three fun-loving designers who teamed up to make technology work better for everyone. Fresh innovations, simple equation: life + gear. ANKHGEAR. Seriously simpler.

The rest of the story...

A number of years ago Scott was talking with Nancy (his mother, an occupational therapist) about the challenges her brother (Scott’s Uncle Dave) was having zipping up his jackets. Scott, an inventor and engineer, knew there was a better solution.  Working with his mother they were able to build the first prototype; a zipper with magnets glued to the bottom. Of course, it didn't work at all. However, it did show them that using magnets was the way to a better zipper. 

When they looked at the struggles that Uncle Dave and many others had, it revolved around starting the zipper. But getting the magnets to pull the base together, align it properly, and have it hold together proved to be a significant challenge.

Dave Lyndaker happened to be an experienced and excellent mechanical designer who had spent years designing small mechanical parts. Once Dave joined the team, the three of them started rapid prototyping and assembling zippers. 

It was a long, painstaking process, but the team truly believed in the vision of a better zipper. That’s how DNS Designs’ MagZip zipper was born. Once the product was working well, the team started contacting clothing companies and zipper manufacturers. In 2011, Under Armour® showed interest. They loved the product and shortly thereafter started working on mass production of MagZip zippers.

Today, the MagZip zipper is an important component of some ANKHGEAR products, a growing line of innovative, even life-changing apparel. 

What People Say


"I made my first Fair Isle sweater for my grandson, my first steeking, i.e. cutting project. I was glad I discovered MagZip for the sweater. He is slightly disabled and he can easily work the zipper. He is very happy. With so many colors to choose from I found a wonderful match. I will definitely use and recommend MagZip zipper in the future." ~ Christine S.


"I purchased a one of a kind Cubs World Series jacket from UA that had this zipper." 

"The jacket—after much, much use—had a tear by the zipper. When I went to a tailor to get the zipper replaced, she wouldn't take it out. She said "This zipper is beautiful and one of a kind. You should get in touch with the manufacturer of the zipper to get a new one." That's how I found MagZip and the level of professionalism to try to match the exact zipper color has been fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend both the one of a kind product, and also the company in general. Thanks again!" ~ Michael D.


"I really want to thank you for your amazing zippers!!"

"My 9-year-old son has autism, as well as many fine motor difficulties, and last year we were lucky enough to come across your Under Armour hoodies! It was life-changing for him. He can confidently zip his own without asking for help." ~ Heidi B.


"Such a cool idea...and it works!"

"Great for your kids, anyone who needs assistance and for anyone looking for a better zipper!" ~ Kelly S.