Apparel with purpose.

ANKHGEAR IS EASY. Choose from our fun and functional essentials, reimagined to make your life easier. We’re focused on a few hip and helpful offerings right now. Our products are popular because they’re easy to use and easy going. Many feature our original innovation, the MagZip zipper, a game-changing “secret ingredient” for simpler zipping and simpler living. ANKHGEAR. Seriously simpler.

How It Works

Curious how ANKHGEAR MagZip zippers work?
Pretty incredible — check it out.
Our zipper adds style, function and fun to everyone's wardrobe. However, for children and those individuals with fine motor challenges this zipper is a game changer.

"My Mom loves hers! She says it washes well, wears well, and is so comfy! She wears it everytime I take her to PT." ~K.B.