One small thing can give you confidence.

MagZip by ANKHGEAR is that “one small thing” used in all of our hoodies. Exclusive MagZip magnetic zippers are a game-changer and makes one-handed zipping and unzipping quick and smooth for people of different abilities, right from the first click. Our ANKHGEAR technology balances fun and functional with products that have made a splash in the apparel world because they offer the style you want with the simplicity that supports your independence. ANKHGEAR. Seriously simpler.

How It Works

Curious how ANKHGEAR MagZip zippers work?
Pretty incredible — check it out.
Our zipper adds style, function and fun to everyone's wardrobe. However, for children and those individuals with fine motor challenges this zipper is a game changer.

"My Mom loves hers! She says it washes well, wears well, and is so comfy! She wears it everytime I take her to PT." ~K.B.